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DaDa Technology is subsidiary corporation of HENAN CREAT LEAD INDUSTRIAL CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, a China leading and professional manufacturer of Kiln Furniture and Refractory Materials supplier.

Our products range from Mullite Cordierite, Silicon Carbide to Refractory Fiber and AZS (Fused Zirconia Corundum Block), our service scope including Sanitaryware and Tableware ceramic factories, Porcelain & Pottery productions, Glassware productions, Ceramic Tiles kilns, Iron & Steel Smelting plant etc, We supply refractory products to all the furnace work around the world:

Solid Plate/Slab
Sanitaryware Kiln Furniture
Kiln Roof Hanging System,
Extruded Batt
Tableware Kiln Furniture
Silicon Carbide Beams & Tubes
Tiles supports
Tiles Supports
Silicon Carbide Plate/Slab
Refractory Fiber
AZS Bricks
Secondary Kiln Furniture

We believe that the best quality make the bright future !

Based on deeply understanding of ceramic market and customers demand, by working with Refractory Material Institute of USTB and Kiln Furniture Research Center of ZHENGZHOU UNIVERSITY and LIRR, our factory developed and produced the best quality of mullite cordierite refractory kiln furniture, so far, our kiln furniture and refractory products sell well on overseas market, such as Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador etc in South America, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia etc in South East Asia and Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Egypt in middle East etc. 

DADA TECHNOLOGY deeply understand how important the quality of kiln furniture is for customers' ceramic production line, we know exactly customers need durable kiln furniture which can help customers to save money and to secure their ceramic products. To reduce cost and maintain high quality at same time, we directly buy high quality andalusite, disthene and others fire clay raw materials from both overseas and Chinese mine, thus can keep excellent performance on refractory quality. 

On the way of technology innovation and refractory materials production, we never stop looking for the better solution to customers from overseas and China domestic market.

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