Dealing with various suppliers is very time consuming and risk taking. Finding the reliable suppliers requests a well laid out strategy that actively weeds out the bad suppliers (that’s about 80 – 90% of them) and identifies those who are qualified to manufacture a certain product. Finding the right supplier also requires a certain amount of product knowledge, an asset not possessed by many inexperienced importers.

DaDa Industry Sourcing can help you to establish stable and efficient supply chain network based on our well accumulated knowledge and experiences.

​Working Process:

I. Keep finding new products and suppliers.  ( Sourcing Service )
II. Verify, inspect or audit existing suppliers.  ( Factory Audit )
III. Draft formal Purchase Contract.  ( Business Risk Control )
IV. Price negotiations and Supply Chain Management.  ( Price Negotiation )
V. Quality Control & cargo inspection Management.  ( Inspection Service )
VI. Shipping Support and Loading Process Supervision.  ( Shipping Service )
VII. Customs Clearance Support and documents work.  ( Documents Service )
VIII. Offer After-sale Service once manufacturer can not do.  ( After-Sale Service )
IX. Translation & Interpretation.  ( English & Russia )



When clients are looking for some products, they only need us provide us

some basic product information such as: goods name, goods pictures,

purpose or application, quantity etc, we will help to find the ideal one and

qualified manufacturers.

When there are some products meet clients' demand, we will help to get sample, more cargo details such as: price, specifications etc together with our suggestions. Before placing order or sign purchasing contract, we will verify manufacturers' realibility and credit on market, thus can minimize clients' risks.

When order placed, we will mornitor producing, check goods quality and report process to clients. When products finished, we will do inspection again and supervise loading, which can assure both quantity and quality are as required.

Clients are feel comfortable with us on shipping arrangement and documents works, becuase our team are well trained in shipping and forwarding industry, which can help clients avoid any potential risks on customs process.

Sourcing Agent Service:

Need verify facticity & reliability to supplier ?
Need save time & cost to buy products ?
Need expand business ?

                 ----- Come to DaDa Agent Service (China).

Products Inspection Service

Business Cases:

The benefits our services bring you:​​

DaDa have stable cooperation with various manufacturers, besides, we are able to “shop around” on the ground, unlike someone sitting in office and searching online only, DaDa are able to go and speak with different factories to gain a better understanding of their production processes, having more quotes on the table will enable the retailers I work for access to the cheapest quotes.
Quality assurance is one of the most important part of a sourcing agent’s service. DaDa is responsible for ensuring that the quality of the product fulfills the client’s specifications, ensuring that factories have the proper certification to undertake projects is also very important. 
Timely delivery
Timeliness is an issue for any supply chain that deals with a logistically complicated industry. The more complex the transaction, the higher the likelihood of something going wrong. DaDa can mitigate this risk by regularly visiting the factories during production and ensuring that things are moving according to schedule. Because the full payment amount isn’t released until the products are finished and ready to be shipped, DaDa have an active interest in making sure that products go out on time.

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