Water faucet water tap

Materials: Copper 

​Specification: Copper with chroming, for both cool and hot water at both kitchen and bathroom

                    205g, 274g, 591g, 769g, 900g, 918g, 970g, 986g, 1082g, 1495g, 1525g,

Copper shower head / Rain Shower

Materials: Copper or ABS plastic with chroming

Details: 160x30x65mm, weight around 160g

            210x25x45mm, weight around 250g

            215x25x90mm, weight around 280g

Other bathroom & toilet fittings:

Toilet Fill Valve ( Toilet components );                                Copper hanger; 

​Bath Drain Bath Mechanism;                                               Toilet Brush holder Canister; 

Dispenser with hiquality copper head;                                  Toilet lid--U type toilet components.

Shower holder Base bathroom components; 

Stainless steel floor drain

Materials: Stainless Steel

​Details: 3 inch, outer 100x100mm, weight 170g,250g


Bathroom cabinet

​Materials: Stainless Steel, Artificial stone, Quartz table board,manchurian ash wood, oak wood

Angle valveShower Arm Diverter 

Materials: Copper with chroming, 

Details: Weight 134~227g, length 70~100mm

We supply you full set of bathroom fittings

Multifunction Copper Towel rack

Material:Copper with chroming

​​Details: Numerical control seamless welding

              PVD vacuum chroming, 

              With heater & Withou heater


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Shower tube & Drain tube

Materials: Stainless steel, copper, high quality plastic, 

Details: pressure & heat resistant, length customizable

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