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Alumina-Zirconia-Silica (AZS) is being used as a glass-contact refractory in ceramic melter for vitrification of high level radioactive liquid waste (HLW), AZS Bricks, Alumina-Zirconia-Silica (AZS) refractories, belong to sintered ZrO2 Al2O3 SiO2 products family along with Zircon Mullite, Bonded AZS, Zirconia Corundum, and Rebonded Fused Mullite bricks. Sintered ZrO2-Al2O3 SiO2 products such as AZS have good resistance to alkali vapor and thermal shock. Mainly used in glass furnaces, they can withstand aggressive conditions in contact with molten glass. The AZS refractory materials always with different composition to the commercial product were obtained, and the feasibility of formation of these products was studied taking like departure point the free energy of their formation. The AZS refractories were obtained by a traditional method of producing ceramic materials, the process of sintering.
Rebonded Fused Mullite bricks are used as pure-oxygen burner blocks in alkali-free glass furnaces, crown blocks and arch blocks in ceramic frit furnaces, and areas of high temperature and high thermal stress in other industrial furnaces. Typical applications are superstructures, skew blocks, wall bricks and upper-checker in regenerators, paving, sub-paving, and forehearth blocks in float glass furnaces.
Fused cast Zirconia-Alumina-Silica material (AZS) is the key refractory to glass furnace. In order to reduce production cost and optimize production process, the influences of riser position and riser size on temperature gradient, solidification time, residual melt modulus, solidification fraction, and cooling rate of cast system were studied by the finite element simulation method according to the brick size. It turned out that it would be more efficient in feeding when riser located at the center of maximum surface of a brick or when the height of riser is 250 mm-270 mm, while the volume ratio of brick to riser is 2.95-2.74, on condition that the size of riser upper surface is 450 mm × 450 mm and the bottom 150 mm×150 mm.

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We supply glass manufacturers a wide range of fused cast refractories, including AZS, high Zirconia, alumina and chrome products in twelve different product chemistries. These products have been engineered in dozens of shapes and hundreds of sizes utilizing different casting techniques. Backed by our factory’s strong tradition of innovation, engineering expertise and product excellence, our fused cast refractories factory offer a reliable and cost effective solution to the challenges of modern glass furnace environments. Most importantly, the outstanding performance of DADATEC’s refractory products is based on a continuous commitment to the complex needs of our customers in the glass industry. Our products have proven their value in other industries as well, such as black liquor gasifiers for the pulp and paper industry, light metal reduction cells, skid rail applications in steel reheat furnaces, and wear resistance applications.

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