Plain Supports

Plain Supports are classed as Primary Kiln Furniture and are used as supports for pressed and extruded batts. Normally produced by semi-dry pressing or plastic-pressing or casting. Plain supports can be: Cuboid Support, I-Shape Support, Adjustable Support, Support with Bases, Support Block and Special Support.

Saggars and Crucibles

Saggars are usually larger and used to protect or support products during firing, in the glost or biscuit firing of tableware, or for powder calcination, etc. It can be made by semi-dry pressing, plastic pressing and casting. Crucibles is used for the melting in minerals and glass. It has five sub-categories: Round Square and Special Saggars, Round Crucibles and Special Crucibles.

Cordierite Chamotte & Fire Clay

Chamotte is a calcined clay. The calcination process takes place in a rotary kiln at high temperatures of 1400 - 1600ºC. Sanitaryware pieces are fired at lower temperatures of around 1200ºC, therefore the chamotte is inert at the firing stage and acts like a skeleton to produce ware with better proprieties. It enables the production of bigger and more complex sanitaryware pieces.

Kiln Roof System & Accessories

Kiln Roof System and Accessories are mainly used in the kiln structure (roof and wall) or kiln car base. We developed cordierite-mullite materials kiln structure to help solve the problem of kiln dirt from insulating bricks and ceramic fibre linings. This significantly increases production yields and keep a clean environment during the firing of ceramic products.

Solid Plate/Slab

Plain Batt is the most common type of primary kiln furniture, usually produced by semi-dry pressing, but can also be made by pressure-casting. Extruded batts can be split into ten sub-categories as follows: Extra Large Batt, Extra Thin Batt, Plain Batt, Perforated Batt, Grooved Batt,Trapezoid Batt, Recessed Batt, Full Disc, Half Disc and Special Batt.

​​Extruded batts

Mullite Cordierite Extruded Batts produced by vacuum extruding technology are new generation refractory kiln furniture. It's typical characters are high loading capability, good creep resistance at high temperature, long service life, energy saving, etc. It can be used as an optimum kiln furniture for sanitaryware and glass-ceramic sintering.

Insulating Fire Brick & Roller Bricks

Fire Brick & Roller Bricks are made from Mullite, Cordierite and Glass Phase, with high temperature resistance, light volume, high strength, good volume stability,etc. Various types of Insulating Fire Brick (IFB) from 2,000°F (1,093°C) to 3,200°F (1,760°C). Each type is formulated to meet specific thermal and physical requirements and after firing is machined to precise tolerances. 

Kiln Furniutre & Refractory Materials

Secondary Kiln Furniture

Secondary Kiln Furniture refers to a wide used for tableware industry to support and protect ceramic products, usually coming into direct contact with the tableware body, secondary kiln furniture is the most complex shape but it increase kiln load, reduce fuel consumption, labor and significant cost savings.

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