Silicon Carbide Bar

Silicon carbide are SiC Products and Special Kiln Furniture. SiC Products are manufactured and strictly inspected to meet national stander and client's demand, it is more stronger and more fireproof than others. With strictly quality control and stable performance, it enjoy good reputation on market. 

Plain Supports

Plain Supports are classed as Primary Kiln Furniture and are used as supports for pressed and extruded batts. These are normally manufactured by semi-dry pressing but can also be made by plastic-pressing or casting. Plain supports can be split into six sub-categories as follows: Cuboid Support, I-Shape Support, Adjustable Support, Support with Bases, Support Block and Special Support.

Secondary Kiln Furniture

Secondary Kiln Furniture refers to a wide range of products used in the tableware industry to support and protect ceramic products, usually coming into direct contact with the ware. There are several types of tableware, with thousands of shapes for numerous applications. This means that secondary kiln furniture is the most complex of all our product ranges, with the biggest variation in shape, size and material, making it the most difficult to manufacture. Choosing suitable secondary kiln furniture can help greatly increase the yield, increase kiln load, reduce fuel consumption, reduce labour and thereby lead to significant cost savings.


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Plain Batts

Plain Batts are the most common type of primary kiln furniture, usually produced by semi-dry pressing, but can also be made by pressure-casting. Extruded batts can be split into ten sub-categories as follows: Extra Large Batt, Extra Thin Batt, Plain Batt, Perforated Batt, Grooved Batt,Trapezoid Batt, Recessed Batt, Full Disc, Half Disc and Special Batt.

Extruded batts

Extruded batts have holes running the length of the cross section and are manufactured using high pressure vacuum extrusion, before being cut and surface-ground to guarantee the highest standard of flatness and dimensional accuracy. Our extruded batts are now amongst the leading products in Asia, and are of a better quality than similar products made in China. They are used mainly in the sanitaryware and glass panel industries, but can be found in a number of applications including the biscuit and glost firing of tableware.

Sic Batts (Silicon Carbide Batts)

​Our Sic Batts are mainly suitable for sintering of sanitary ceramic, construction ceramic, household ceramic and electric ceramic in tunnel kiln、shuttle kiln、and roller kiln below 1400 degree centigrade, Used with column, the product has stable structure, endure high temperature and great intensity, with no deformation. Good resistance to thermal shock and long life time. Sic plate's life is more than 200 times, at the same time, it has good heat-conducting efficiency because of its big heat-conductivity coefficient 30 percent energy can be saved when using sic kiln furniture.​

Mullite Cordierite Fire Brick

We produces various types of Insulating Fire Brick (IFB) for use in applications from 2,000°F (1,093°C) to 3,200°F (1,760°C). Each type is formulated to meet specific thermal and physical requirements and after firing is machined to precise tolerances. Made from high purity refractory clays and other ceramic raw materials, these IFB contain a carefully graded organic filler which is burned out during manufacture to give a uniform controlled pore structure.
We are leading supplier of a range of specialty industrial insulations and refractories for petrochemical, electrical, aluminum, steel, ovens, glass, furnace, ceramics, fire protection and other industries.

Refractory Furnace Materials

Saggars and Crucibles

Saggars and Crucibles although they are quite different products, have been grouped together as they are both used as containers. Saggars are usually larger and used to protect or support products during firing, for example in the glost or biscuit firing of tableware, or for powder calcination, etc. These products can be made by semi-dry pressing, plastic pressing and casting. Crucibles are smaller containers used for the melting of materials, e.g. minerals and glass. Saggars and crucibles can be split into five sub-categories as follows: Round Saggars, Square Saggars, Special Saggars, Round Crucibles and Special Crucibles.

Kiln Accessories

Kiln Accessories are refractory products used in the kiln structure (roof and wall) or on the kiln car base. Thanks to Beijing Trend’s years of research and cooperation with many international kiln companies, cordierite-mullite kiln furniture materials have been developed for use in the kiln structure to help solve the problem of kiln dirt from insulating bricks and ceramic fibre linings. This significantly increases production yields during the firing of ceramic products, especially for intermittent kilns (Shuttle kilns), where linings are subject to repeated thermal cycling. Cordierite-mullite imparts good thermal shock resistance and can improve the longevity of insulating firebrick and ceramic fibre linings.

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