• Recrystallised ReSiC has a lower mechanical strength than RBSiC and NBSiC, but offers what most other materials cannot – a working temperature of up to 1650ºC (3000ºF).
  • Silicon Infiltrated SiSiC and Reaction-bonded RBSiC is a very high strength material that is often used for support beams for kiln structures or kiln-car systems. The beams are lightweight and remain straight after prolonged use. It can be used up to 1380ºC (2500ºF).
  • Oxide-bonded SiC offers many of the benefits of using SiC but at a reduced cost. It is mainly used for load-bearing items used in the temperature range 1300ºC–1350ºC (2400ºC-2550ºF) where good life is achieved.
  • Nitride-bonded NBSiC offers properties that are fairly similar to RBSiC (high strength and low creep) but can be safely used to a higher temperature of 1450ºC (2650ºF). It is often used for batts, tiles or plates.

Sic Batts (Silicon Carbide Batts)
​Our Sic Batts are mainly suitable for sintering of sanitary ceramic, construction ceramic, household ceramic and electric ceramic in tunnel kiln、shuttle kiln、and roller kiln below 1400 degree centigrade, Used with column, the product has stable structure, endure high temperature and great intensity, with no deformation. Good resistance to thermal shock and long life time. Sic plate's life is more than 200 times, at the same time, it has good heat-conducting efficiency because of its big heat-conductivity coefficient 30 percent energy can be saved when using sic kiln furniture.​​ Our Silicon Carbide slab and plate are come with High Density, High Temperature and Hardness, Excellent refractory ceramic kiln furniture:

Flexural Strength:
Compressive Strength:
Elastic Modulus:
Thermal Conductivity: 
110 W/m K 
Temperature limited:

Silicon Carbide Beams

Our silicon carbide beam has been widely used to build rack or shelf to support production of ceramic porcelain products, such as sanitary ware ceramics, tableware ceramic and other high temperature environment, with its excellent performance of oxidation resistance, anti-breaking strength, thermal shock resistance and bending resistance, in the passed few years, we received huge orders from tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln and double layer roller kiln from both China domestic market and overseas market.

We offers all the principal types of silicon carbide, a durable, rugged, dependable performer in many challenging environments. Including beams, batts, plates and rollers, those are made to tight dimensional tolerances and have an excellent load-bearing ability at higher temperatures. Silicon carbide retains most of its mechanical strength at elevated temperatures and exhibits very low levels of creep, making it the first choice for load-bearing applications in the range 1100ºC to 1650ºC (2000ºC to 3000ºF).

We also have Silicon carbide components which provide outstanding thermal shock resistance but unlike traditional ceramics, it also combine low density with high mechanical strength. Additionally, these products offer extreme hardness/abrasion resistance and outstanding chemical stability in aggressive environments.

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