Squatting pan  

Back edge to the drain hole 400mm, with Dimension:

DD402: 550×420×210mm

DD404: 545×420×215mm

DD410: 630×415×350mm

Pedestal Basin  

Fixed with back to wall, with Dimension:

DD302: 490×415×860mm

DD101: 570×500×840mm

DD Children type: 405×355×565mm

Cabinet basin 

Sitting on cabniet, with Dimension:

DD009: 800×525×215mm

DD010: 600×462×210mm


 Build your house, Build your life


Fixed with back to wall, with Dimension: 

DD6011: 360×360×1000mm (Induction Type)

DD 604: 415×295×620mm (Drop Type)

DD 600: 275×210×404mm (Children Type)

Mop Tub  

Fixed with back to wall, with Dimension:

DD901: 440×395×350mm

DD901: 320×360×500mm

DD912: 440×395×570mm

Laundry Sink  

Fixed with back to wall, with Dimension:

DD931: 600×500×840mm

DD953: 600×500×840mm

DD917: 610×500×820mm

Toilet Water Closet  

Sewage draining exit to wall:300,400mm, with Dimension:

DD201: 665×355×650mm (Drop Type)

DD258: 650×360×710mm (Hydrocone Type)

DD260: 530×270×505mm (Children Type)

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